Iron Man (2008) Retrospective Review “The Beginning of Everything”

The MCU began with a big risk, does it hold up over time? Find out in my review of 2008’s Iron Man in the first part of my new series following the MCU before Infinity War.


Star Wars A New Hope (1977) Retrospective Review “Your First Steps”

Star Wars changed the film industry forever, how does it hold up today? I journey through the all-time classic saga ahead of The Last Jedi this week on TristanTV.

Batman Forever Retrospective Review: “Color Over Quality”

TristanTV’s Journey Through DC in Film Part 7 “Ruining The Party” <Prev.  –  Next> Batman Returns was met with mixed reception.  It received praise for its visual effects and action sequences, but the very dark tone did not play well at the time.  As a response, Warner Brothers decided to take the series down a new…

Batman (1989) Retrospective Review “A Signal of Things to Come”

TristanTV dives into the depths of Gotham City with 1989’s Batman, the film that many consider to be the peak of the character and even the genre. Does this film hold up today now that the character has been done so many times over the last almost three decades? Find out about my Loves, Likes, Dislikes, and Hates when I review Batman!

Superman IV Retrospective Review: “Stumbling into Madness”

Superman IV is one of the timeless anti-classics that fails so far at virtually everything that it enters the realm of morbid enjoyability. TristanTV breaks down the sprinkles of positivity and the barrels of disaster that make up Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in our continued Journey through DC in Film.

Superman III Retrospective Review: “Long Past Saving”

Superman teams up with Richard Pryor in a slapstick superhero comedy.
What could go wrong?
TristanTV revisits Superman III to see if the comedic take of the character holds up today and look at what works and doesn’t. as we continue our Journey through DC Films.